About Men's Heels Revolution

Men's Heels Revolution is a Nanozine featuring articles on a range of topics around men wearing heels, high heels and boots, gender neutral fashion, gender, diversity, inclusion, equality and shopping for heels and boots. We track the changes in men's fashion in response to a shift in gender, equality and diversity awareness around the world. Our aim is to raise awareness of trends in men's heeled fashion footwear, break stereotypes and educate a broader audience.

Why Men's Heels Revolution?

Heels and in particular the high heel have been stereotyped in our society as potent symbols of femininity, yet many fashion forward men are rejecting this stereotype and wearing heels and other clothing originally intended for women. We explore these fashion choices here, the ideas behind them and many of the topics about gender that surround them by collecting together relevant articles from the media. Our aim is to bring these articles to a larger audience and amplify their message. On their own the topics in these articles may easily be brushed-off as novelty, but in collection as we have here, the evidence is compelling, men's fashion choices are changing and men in heels are back.

What exactly are men's heels?

It largely depends on your perspective. To some they are shoes with heels that are specifically gendered as men's and marketed towards men. To others they are any shoe with a heel that fits their foot regardless of it's intended gender or marketing.

We celebrate all heels are regardless of their ultimate height, material, texture, sound, colour or "gender". The only discrimination we accept is that when we say "heels" in relation to our topic of focus on the site, we generally mean higher than what would currently be considered "normal" height heels for men's shoes, so approximately 2inches / 50mm upwards, as opposed to flat or low (less than 2 inches / 50mm) heels. We love flats and low heeled shoes too, but our seat at the table is to represent heels for men.

How do you style heels for men?

It is impossible for a single person to be fully representative of all the ways to style a heeled shoe or boot. Perhaps the best way to get some ideas is to google "Men in heels" or even better, use the hashtag #MenInHeels on Instagram. There are no entry qualifications, no specific style or height of heel you need to wear, no club to join. Wear what you like and enjoy yourself with it!

Still have questions?

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We are rising up and marching forward... and we're doing it in heels!