Zoom brings us another write-up of the history of men in heels.

"When one thinks of heels, all one can imagine is glamour, style, and elegance. However, even though this kind of footwear is now mainly associated with women and femininity, it was once the go-to footwear option for men."

"not many know that heels originally found their place on the feet of male soldiers, aristocrats, and even royals in different parts of the world, including Persia. Persian men in the 10th century wore heels not just as a style statement but mainly because of the 'practicality' factor"

Original URL: https://www.zoomtventertainment.com/lifestyle/fashion/did-you-know-high-heels-were-first-worn-by-men-in-persia-during-the-10th-century-article-90588269

Posted: 30 July 2022