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Kidspot Australia reports on the teacher using Tik Tok to highlight the need and results from creating queer safe spaces in schools.

From the article:

The veteran teacher, who posts under the username 'Just a queer teacher', chooses to strap his heels on each morning despite the fact that they make him nearly two metres tall – and wears them as he walks the best part of 5km around the classroom every day.

“The reason I do it is so it is so we can create an explicitly queer space for all of my students,” the TikTokker shared in a recent video, showing off photos of his favourite pair of stilettos.

“That way they know this a place for them, by them - because I never had one of those (teachers) growing up - so yeah, I'm a bit of a beast.”

Many people thanked the teacher for choosing to wear heels to school, with one grateful parent writing: “as a mum of a queer teenager, thank you for creating this safe space”.

“Wish I had this growing up! I'm not crying I just have something in my eye - it's tears, I have tears in my eye,” someone else gushed.

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Posted: 20 November 2022

Nigerian news website Legit reports on the male Pastor causing a stir with his high heel wearing style.

"Photos of a male pastor who is used to wearing high heels in the church have caused a commotion on the internet"

"The unidentified pastor is seen in one of the photos ministering on a lectern in his feminine footwear"

"Many people have wondered what may have inspired the man's fashion sense, while others found it weird"

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Posted: 2 August 2022

As Russia started its "special operation" in Ukraine, the world at large started to try and understand the man at the top spot in Ukraine. As comedian-turned-politician, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has no shortage of video footage of him engaged in various amusing activities, it wasn't long before the previously recorded video reappeared of him dancing in high heels. Along with 3 other men in heels, they performed (admirably I might add) a routine, not too dissimilar to Beyonce's smash hit "Single Ladies" which was released in 2009.

This article from Newsweek, which covers how the video went viral, is brief and worth a read, but also has a link to the video for you to watch.

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Posted: 9 July 2022

You've possibly already heard of Mark Bryan (@MarkBryan911), though many outside of Instagram won't know that this sixty-something man regularly wears a skirt and heels to the office. He believes, like many more now do, that clothes and shoes have no gender. This interview for Harpers Bazaar brings us up to date with what Mark has been doing recently.

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Posted: 19 April 2022