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UK Newspaper Daily Mail reports on the "unusual" relationship of Maren Butler (@marenn.x) and James Carrington (@jxcx3). The pair met on TikTok, James a feminine presenting man and Maren, a masculine presenting woman. Challenging many social and gender norms in the process the pair have formed a long-lasting relationship.

From the article:

"Maren said: 'I remember seeing James' video and thinking he was so cool.

'It was his confidence and his androgynous look that was so appealing to me.

'I left a comment on his video thinking he wouldn't respond but in less than an hour he replied and we started chatting.

'Before James, I'd only dated girls but I've always been attracted to fem-men because I love the combination of confidence and femininity.

'He has a pretty face and pretty smile, what's not to love! It's an unusual pairing but we're so happy.' "

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Posted: 20 March 2023

Kidspot Australia reports on the teacher using Tik Tok to highlight the need and results from creating queer safe spaces in schools.

From the article:

The veteran teacher, who posts under the username 'Just a queer teacher', chooses to strap his heels on each morning despite the fact that they make him nearly two metres tall – and wears them as he walks the best part of 5km around the classroom every day.

“The reason I do it is so it is so we can create an explicitly queer space for all of my students,” the TikTokker shared in a recent video, showing off photos of his favourite pair of stilettos.

“That way they know this a place for them, by them - because I never had one of those (teachers) growing up - so yeah, I'm a bit of a beast.”

Many people thanked the teacher for choosing to wear heels to school, with one grateful parent writing: “as a mum of a queer teenager, thank you for creating this safe space”.

“Wish I had this growing up! I'm not crying I just have something in my eye - it's tears, I have tears in my eye,” someone else gushed.

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Posted: 20 November 2022

GenZ Social Media sensation, Noah Beck caused a stir when he appeared on the front of VMan magazine in Fishnet Tights and Stiletto Heels. As with many features of men in heels, this one also comes with the usual brief, but important history of men in heels.

Also checkout the post of the cover on @NoahBeck's Instagram profile...

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Posted: 15 June 2022

ABC News reports in Australia on the debate for the Religious Discrimination Bill where Stephen Jones MP delivered an emotional speech in parliament highlighting the struggles the LGBTQIA community they face every day, highlighting in particular his own son Paddy, who frequently wears gender non-conforming clothes, including high heels.

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Posted: 12 June 2022

This article by @edsullivan2 from the brilliant InStyle magazine (@instylemagazine) explores how spaces like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube have given androgonous stylists, post-gender visionaries and queer creatives the freedom to embrace their authentic selves, tools to build a platform, and potential to have a wide reach and impact. We see how people like @tripleminor, @wisdm, @alokvmenon, @sammyratelle, @elierlick, @jayybeech, @bethanycmeyers, @nicotortorella and @patrickchurchny are successfully challenging fashion boundaries and taking fashion influence from the streets to social media.

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Posted: 20 June 2021