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Footwear News reports on Harry Styles (@HarryStyles) appearance at the Sony Brit Awards in 2020 in a "Women's" Suit and heels "for men". Setting aside the gendering of the clothing items, it's a positive thing that we're seeing these red carpet events publicised like they are, but surely it's just a suit and heels? After all, we wouldn't say "Dua Lipa appeared in Men's trousers and heels for women" would we?!

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Posted: 28 April 2022

This is a great set of tips and ideas for anyone starting out with wearing heels, either at home or in public. It's refreshingly frank and reflects changing attitudes towards men wearing heels in the 21st century and covers choosing your heels, buying and trying on your heels, learning how to walk in heels, completing the look and taking your heels for a spin.

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Posted: 20 March 2021