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Are we entering another Peacock Revolution?

The 1960s saw a huge shift in men's fashion, as the standard template of the tailored suit gave way to more flamboyant styles.

Before the 1960s, men's fashion generally followed a conservative template that nobody thought to question: shirt, tie, plain hand-made suit etc. A new, confident youth culture demanded fresh styles and the Mods (short for 'Modernists') ushered in a new style with colourful Italian slimline suits, short jackets.

The 1960s saw the trend gather pace and more colourful and unapologetic patterned shirts made an appearance, popularised by groups like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. New retail opportunities appeared, supporting this new style, bringing it to the masses. High heeled boots replaced shoes as the footwear of choice for men.

By the mid 60s, fashion conscious Londoners were challenging male etiquette, unashamed to wear frills, velvet and other elements, now stereotyped through movie characters like Austin Powers.

New fashion boutiques sprang up along London's Kings Road, 'Mr Fish' in particular sold a range of "Peacock" Styles which were highly individual: wide ties, colourful suits and culturally influenced separates.

Towards the end of the 60s, military style also became popular and once again driven by groups like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, reflecting a new desire for something fresh and new.

The new flamboyance of men’s fashion during the 1960s lead to the name “The Peacock Revolution”.

We now have male music artists, film stars and other people in the public eye who are wearing more flamboyant clothes and occasionally a pair of heeled shoes too. There is a move towards more individuality and self expression.

It does appear that we are heading in a similar direction.

Posted: 1 April 2023

All KPop reports on boy band 2AM's Jo Kwon's appearance in a Crop Top, Leggings and High Heels. It's a shame there isn't much substance to it other than a collection of photos from Jo Kwon, so I'm only sharing this article due to the fact that it's reporting on a man in heels, as I feel it's important to amplify the visibility of the subject.

It was rightly called-out by some of the people commenting about their reference in the headline to his "perfect figure". We're not even going to go there as it might just turn into a long rant, but feel free to add your comments on our Instagram post, linked above in the Icons.

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Posted: 4 November 2022

From 2021, Free Press Journal brings us this article covering the twitter-storm around Indian Actor, Ranveer Singh's heels which he wore for a photo shoot. It seems the trolls came out in force and once again demonstrated their lack of intolerance and engrained social conditioning.

From the article:

"If you ask someone why a man shouldn’t wear a skirt, there is no real reason. It’s just something we have learned from childhood and never questioned because we believed what was told to us by our parents/society was the rule. The conflict starts only when we see different things happening in another society and wonder why that is, because either they are not following the ‘rules’ or there are ‘no rules’. Now, if someone wants to break the norm, it becomes uncomfortable for others because it defies a longstanding belief system for a culture or a community."

"I just feel everybody has the freedom of wearing what they want. Nowadays, fashion has changed as per generational choices and we should also move with the times. I don’t feel it’s something that should be trolled."

"I think people feel threatened when others are confident about their sexuality and are able to express themselves freely. It is very sad to see such intolerance."

Thankfully, people are starting to open up to the idea that men can be more expressive with what they wear, whatever that is.

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Posted: 31 October 2022

Jo Kwon (@kwon_jo), South Korean KPop star from the band 2AM, often wears heels as part of his genderless look. Whether you're a 2AM fan or not, you may still be a fan of the fact that Jo Kwon is obliterating gender stereotypes and offering up a new narrative on how we dress.

Check out their Instagram page for many more shots of him in heels.

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Posted: 15 September 2022

See It Live reports on the exceptional performance of the Men in Heels group on the prime-time show "Britain's Got Talent". Men in Heels are three men from Paris, France by the names of Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehd.

"It’s a rare occurrence to see men wearing high heels in the first place, but these men were about to change that by rocking their signature black stilettos into their audition and absolutely own every moment of it."

“That was 10 times better than any female dancer we’ve seen on stage tonight.” -Alesha Dixon

It's great to see representation in any form on mainstream media, so for that we applaud their efforts in making onto the show and for doing so well with their performance.

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Posted: 14 August 2022

A short, but sweet article from Bellatory on places to find heels for men.

"Men have great legs; it's almost a crime not to show them off in a pair of high heels. There's a catch though. The problem with finding sexy high heels for men is that quite often it is impossible to find them in men's sizes. This goes doubly if you happen to be long and lanky or built on the larger side of the spectrum."

"men who love high heels don't have to suffer under the tyranny of the evil prince and that uppity little kitchen-maid anymore (who did she think she was anyway?) Your prayers are answered with this series of sites all offering pretty shoes for men in sizes they can wear."

It's great that people are writing about heels for men in this way, though I do feel that the research on this piece could have gone much deeper and it would have better reflected the fact that the men's heels renaissance is in fact in full swing.

You can of course find many, many more places for you to find heels via our Retailer Directory which has nearly 100 retailers and designers who sell heels and boots and in large sizes for men.

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Posted: 11 August 2022

Footwear News reports on Jared Leto's appearance on James Cordon's "The Late Late Show", while wearing a pair of White Patent stacked heel boots from Gucci, and talking about his role in the movie "The House of Gucci". It would have been odd if he'd been wearing anything else!

"The Thirty Seconds to Mars musician opted for the same shoe style when he attended the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” premiere in Los Angeles in December."

"When it comes to fashion, Leto could be considered a stylish savior as he continues to exemplify versatility. He is never one to shy away from risks. Hollywood’s Renaissance man continues to cycle through a lot of memorable style moments from his bleached eyebrows to his iconic Jesus-like locks, rock n’ roll stage style and extravagant Gucci ensembles."

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Posted: 5 August 2022

Nigerian news website Legit reports on the male Pastor causing a stir with his high heel wearing style.

"Photos of a male pastor who is used to wearing high heels in the church have caused a commotion on the internet"

"The unidentified pastor is seen in one of the photos ministering on a lectern in his feminine footwear"

"Many people have wondered what may have inspired the man's fashion sense, while others found it weird"

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Posted: 2 August 2022

Zoom brings us another write-up of the history of men in heels.

"When one thinks of heels, all one can imagine is glamour, style, and elegance. However, even though this kind of footwear is now mainly associated with women and femininity, it was once the go-to footwear option for men."

"not many know that heels originally found their place on the feet of male soldiers, aristocrats, and even royals in different parts of the world, including Persia. Persian men in the 10th century wore heels not just as a style statement but mainly because of the 'practicality' factor"

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Posted: 30 July 2022

Who are the up and coming influencers on Instagram who are promoting men’s fashion in heels and boots?

Hungry for more profiles about men in heels and boots? Look no further...

Influencer 17-Jul-21 23-Mar-22 % Change
@man_in_skirt_and_heels 697 997 43
@godmotherofthang (new find) 985
@bootsfanatic_5240 (new find) 975
@tomtoenz 814 938 15
@superpointed (new find) 934
@mencanwearheelstoo 796 927 16
@stiefel_biest 893 924 3
@blackheels1986 813 922 13
@notasxpected 730 913 25
@oversizedheel 888 893 1
@heelstacones2 790 859 9
@guyinheels 806 842 4
@m.b_in.heels_n_skirts 671 835 24
@thehighheeledprince (new find) 787
@nielsinheels (new find) 784
@andrew_phillip_01 (new find) 768
@men_in_heels_la 688 748 9
@mr.heels.mex (new find) 741
@luvstiletto 623 731 17
@heheels 581 728 25
@stiletto4men (new find) 702
@deutschlandaufhighheels 532 691 30
@heels6high4dayz (new find) 650
@just_north_of_normal 511 643 26
@shoe.nonconformist (new find) 633
@calzenico (new find) 591
@stope_wears_highheels (new find) 547
@chris_wears_boots_and_skirts (new find) 523
@stephan6870 (new find) 521
@heeled_equality 535 520 -3
@shoeshavenogender (new find) 501
@mens.heels.revolution.extra (my other account) 500

(Numbers are followers as at time of writing)

Criteria for selection:

  1. More than 500 followers, but less than 1,000
  2. Post frequently with their own content
  3. Consistently promote a variety of mainstream fashion for men in heels or boots
  4. Profile is free of adult themes, underwear, fetish and sexualisation of footwear

These are just the profiles which we have found while looking for men in heels and boots. If you know of more (that meet the criteria above), please let us know!

Posted: 10 April 2022

Who are the top influencers on Instagram who are promoting men’s fashion in heels and boots?

If you're new to Instagram, or even if you've been around a while and you love wearing heels and boots, this is the post to get you off to a flying start with who to follow. It's a "who's who" of the movers and shakers in men's heel wearing in 2022.

Congratulations to all of the people on this list. You are true leaders the world of men in heels and boots. I for one have been inspired by many of you who gave me the courage to wear heels so much more frequently in public and to start this website and spread the news about the movement for men wearing heels and boots.

Influencer 17-Jul-21 23-Mar-22 % Change
@theebillyporter 2,000,000 2,200,000 10
@wisdm 1,600,000 2,100,000 31
@themarcjacobs 1,600,000 1,600,000
@MarkBryan911 537,000 664,000 24
@kaseimmorris new find 212,000
@thequeerindigo 98,700 131,000 33
@cheapainn 98,700 120,000 22 93,400 88,900 -5
@trinxx_heels 29,300 60,300 106
@tyreece2.0 29,700 36,100 22
@theguyinaskirt 14,000 21,200 51
@levnar 16,500 16,100 -2
@almost.zaymous 13,700 14,400 5
@dimaniaco 10,800 13,000 20
@youcantquitmebaby 11,200 12,800 14
@patriciahenriquesshoes new find 10,800
@henrybae 10,200 10,400 2
@tripleminor new find 9,053
@genderblender1 5,926 8,506 44
@hueyyrouge 3,193 7,622 139
@d.emareasmith 2,523 7,551 199
@coulstyle new find 6,633
@blogigorbarros new find 6,283
@jomostyle 3,224 6,269 94
@bren_dun 5,460 6,222 14
@syd_boots 3,373 5,286 57
@hewearsheelsandhose 3,425 5,097 49
@the_heads_count 1,442 4,519 213
@dermodemuth 2,754 4,392 59
@men_wear_heels_too 3,730 4,389 18
@alexclark8 3,895 4,100 5
@princeofheels (new entry) 755 4,055 437
@gentlemanheels 1,945 3,717 91
@glitz_on_heelz new find 3,397
@inkarlcerating 2,527 2,848 13 new find 2,348
@aleeexv new find 2,276
@_etwas.anders 1,555 2,212 42
@hanselsven 1,478 2,169 47
@joepmaasdam 1,793 2,132 19
@heels_for_everyone (new entry) 967 1,819 88
@insta_prem 1,537 1,818 18
@__.spacecowboy.__ new find 1,815
@paddy.quilterjones new find 1,783
@cowboy_on_tour new find 1,678
@menhighheels (new entry) 709 1,652 133
@men_on_heels 1,089 1,628 49
@male.heels 1,312 1,589 21
@leonardodalmagro 1,511 1,582 5
@heelscouple (new entry) 758 1,569 107
@mrheelsandmore (new entry) 791 1,508 91
@charoline.wenke new find 1,434
@mydomingo new find 1,389
@mens.heels.revolution (new entry) 875 1,338 53
@chris.mpkz new find 1,285
@thevonfactor new find 1,270
@Jeff.In.Heels 1,083 1,267 17 new find 1,267
@frederic_heeled_do (new entry) 783 1,253 60
@malefanofhighheels 1,231 1,065 -13
@myshoebox717 new find 1,064
@texboots1 new find 1,057
@chlopak_w_szpilkach (new entry) 719 1,056 47
@heelscr (new entry) 891 1,019 14

(Numbers are followers as at time of writing)

Criteria for selection:

  1. More than 1,000 followers
  2. Post frequently with their own content
  3. Consistently promote a variety of mainstream fashion for men in heels or boots
  4. Profile is free of adult themes, underwear, fetish and sexualisation of footwear

These are just the profiles which we have found while looking for men in heels and boots. If you know of more (that meet the criteria above), please let us know!

Posted: 29 March 2022