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Kidspot Australia reports on the teacher using Tik Tok to highlight the need and results from creating queer safe spaces in schools.

From the article:

The veteran teacher, who posts under the username 'Just a queer teacher', chooses to strap his heels on each morning despite the fact that they make him nearly two metres tall – and wears them as he walks the best part of 5km around the classroom every day.

“The reason I do it is so it is so we can create an explicitly queer space for all of my students,” the TikTokker shared in a recent video, showing off photos of his favourite pair of stilettos.

“That way they know this a place for them, by them - because I never had one of those (teachers) growing up - so yeah, I'm a bit of a beast.”

Many people thanked the teacher for choosing to wear heels to school, with one grateful parent writing: “as a mum of a queer teenager, thank you for creating this safe space”.

“Wish I had this growing up! I'm not crying I just have something in my eye - it's tears, I have tears in my eye,” someone else gushed.

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Posted: 20 November 2022